Quotes from the HRO World Europe Conference 2006

“Everyone points to the client as one of the major obstacles to successful outsourcing.”

Reg Bull
Senior vice-president of global HR transformation, Unilever

“Very often the long-term view is missing from HR outsourcing. Companies should think about IT straight away as it will save money in the long run.”

Synco Jonkeren
Director of human capital, SAP

“Never be afraid to make mistakes. Our company has made every mistake you can think about.”

Albert Martens
HR director, Ikea

“If top management do not support the transformation of HR, then forget it.”

Christian Adlung
EMEA director, Convergys

“It is abundantly clear that when correctly planned, managed and scoped-out, the transformation of HR processes can be a source of added shareholder value.”

Luca Segantini
Executive director, HR Outsourcing Association Europe

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