RADS entries raise their game in a tough market

The current economic downturn may be hitting the jobs market, but it is
still essential for employers to recruit the best talent.

And thus explains why the 12 judges on the Recruitment Advertising Awards
(RADS) panel have had so many entries to review this year, 520 in the 17
categories of the competition.

Rob Smith, chair of the judging team, explained that despite tough times in
the market, the aims of recruiters remain the same, and they have to raise
their game even higher: "It is about how organisations are using their
brand to attract and recruit more skills into the business. Employers are
having to be much sharper," he said.

He said originality was one of the key criteria but the judges are also
interested in how recruitment advertising fits into a company’s whole business

"It is no longer just about recruiting new people. It is about
advertising and promoting the employer’s brand. Recruiters have to understand
the candidate," he said.

The extensive two rounds and three full days of judging will produce a
winner in each category as well as an overall Best Work of the Year Award.

According to Smith, the eventual winner will be the advert that best
demonstrates the modern recruitment process: "It will be something
unquestionably original and at the very top of its trade in art direction, use
of copy and how it works with its audience."

Despite the ‘wow’ factor that many ads aspire to, it is still essential that
the overall aim is fulfilled and they get the right people and the right skills
into the business.

Jamie Zuppinger, European resources manager at retailer Claire’s said:
"Ultimately it has to recruit the right type of people for the role it is
trying to fill. That’s its fundamental role."

Gill Davies, recruitment manager at T-Mobile added: "You don’t want
innovation or something new just for the sake of it. It has to be functional
and fulfil its job as a recruitment advert."

Pauline Moignard, an HR consultant, is on the panel for the second time
after a break of six years. In that time she said the standard has risen
dramatically, with the growth of the internet playing a significant role.

She added that the public and private sectors have almost swapped places in
terms of recruitment budgets and the methods used to attract new staff.

However, she said her criteria in picking a winner had largely remained the
same, despite the changes in the market.

The judges will meet again to finalise the shortlist and choose the winners.
And as Amanda Saker, a recruitment consultant with Virgin, explains the most
successful entries will have a balance between boundary breaking innovation and
ensuring the advert does its job.

By Ross Wigham

The Recruitment Advertising Awards

Will be presented at a spectacular dinner on 16 January at the Grosvenor
House Hotel in London.  For more details
visit www.radawards.com

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