Railways hit by wave of violent crime

crime on the railways is on the increase, with the number of assaults on London
Underground staff rising sharply, according to official statistics.

was a 2.3 per cent rise in reported crime on the UK’s
railways in the 12 months to the end of March 2004 compared to the previous 12
months, British Transport Police (BTP) said in its annual report.

crime on London Underground rose by more than a fifth. Much of this is due to a
29 per cent increase in assaults on staff, which now account for a third of all
reported assaults.

BTP acknowledged that, while progress had been made in the fight against acts
of vandalism, more needed to be done to protect both the public and members of

with anti-social behaviour is a top government priority and we are helping to
achieve that, making our rail system more pleasant for the travelling
public," said a BTP spokesman.

are looking for the same success in reducing violence against passengers and

RMT union has called for more staff on each train

By Mike Berry



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