Readers leap to hoodie’s defence

In recent months, Guru has taken a well-aimed pop at Australians, Chris Tarrant, the city of Hull, and the police force, among others.

He has also soundly backed drink driving, and called for NHS spending on saucy photos rather than nurses, as well as wet T-shirt training courses for employees.

However, none of these opinions caused anything like the uproar that Yours Truly provoked when he highlighted a particularly poorly written work experience application.

On 24 April, Guru printed Disciple Sarah’s e-mail regarding an application she had received. A typical passage from the application read: “I will bethere for bout 13mounths I will be in 3days a week”. Guru found it amusing. Some readers didn’t.

“As someone who often works with young people, and a mother myself, I found this article extremely distasteful and upsetting, and wonder whether either Guru or ‘Disciple Sarah’ have any morals or professional integrity at all,” wrote one disgruntled reader. “They have both ridiculed and judged this young person based on their own bigoted views without knowing who he is, where he comes from or what issues he has,” she continued.

Another wrote: “I was personally shocked when I first started reading the article, and then as I read on I was outraged at the comment that the applicant ‘has probably now returned to wearing hoodies, smoking weak drugs on street corners and making sure he is home by 10pm’.” Perhaps the drugs were medium strength.

Guru is himself shocked that he hit such a raw nerve. Are there any Chris Tarrant supporters that would like to come forward in his defence? Is that your final answer?

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