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Recruit Codes of Practice

RecruitCOP Limited meaning Recruitment Codes of Practice using its unique and innovative online application helps your company to ensure best practices are enforced on your recruiters.  We do not charge a fee for the use of RecruitCOP, its finances generated by sponsorship and advertising alone.  The RecruitCOP system prevents bad practice in the recruitment industry and very effectively gives the red card to Recruitment Consultants who:

1.      Miss-represent or miss-sell an Employers Job.

2.      Advertise non-existent jobs to obtain sales leads from job hunter CVs.

3.      Are not being open about commission rates when they are required to do so.

4.      Refuse to name the Employer to an applicant.

5.      Wrongly tell applicants that the Employer requires references prior to submission even if the Employer does not require them, these are used for sales leads.

6.      Have surpassed their quota of CVs but are still telling applicants they will submit them to prevent competing recruiters getting suitable applicants.

7.      Knowing an Employer job is filled are still advertising it to generate sales leads from applicant CVs.

8.      Do not inform the applicant of the status of any application.

9.      Claim to be on an Employer Preferred Supplier List or represent an Employer when they are not.

To see the extent of trickery played on job applicants see the results of our Job Applicant Survey

The survey shows that an employer can lose 82% of applicants if using a recruiter that is known to the applicants as a rogue – no doubt these recruiters are very nice to the employer but amazingly only 14% of employers have asked applicants about their experience of the recruiters they use – so the employers have no idea if the recruiter is doing a good job or not.

Employers need to be aware that 88% of applicants expect the employer to do more to protect them from rogue recruiters – simply not asking for the applicants opinion has given these recruiters free reign to do as they wish and potentially cost the employer many suitable applicants.  As an employer you want to know that the very best candidates have come forward.

There are three winners that use RecruitCop – The Employer, Applicant, and Recruiters who have long battled with their rogue counterparts.  Let the recruiters who serve the best interests of Employer and Applicant stand out and start using RecruitCop.  You need only talk to contractors and permanent workers on your site to find the true scale of the problem that we are able to solve.

Sign up now at  there is no obligation or charge; you can leave at any time.  All we ask is that you give it a try.

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