Redundancy fears rise among UK workers

redundancy fears are rising rapidly, according to new research.

survey, by online recruitment service GoJobsite, shows that as well as having
strong fears of redundancy, the majority of employees felt they would struggle
to find a new position if they became unemployed.

research polled 500 employees, and found that 77 per cent felt that their jobs
were definitely at risk over the next 12 months.

Jones, HR manager at GoJobsite, said: “Seventy-seven per cent is clearly a very
negative response, but what we must understand is that in times of economic
uncertainty and with many labour sectors having dramatically slowed down, their
recruitment plans there will inevitably be a feeling of unease about the times

is very damaging to the morale of a workforce. Recent world events and
contrasting views regarding the recovery of the UK economy all add to this

per cent of respondents said they were not confident they would get another job
if they were made redundant.

By Quentin Reade

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