Relationships at work result in satisfied staff

report that the workplace is becoming a happier and more consensual place to
be, research by IRS Employment Review finds.

study claims that what really matters to most employees is not pay, but
relationships with managers and colleagues, recognition of contribution and job
satisfaction. Only younger workers put pay issues high on their list of
important issues.

reveals that just under two-thirds of respondents view the employment
relationship as ‘good’ in their organisation, while one-third describe it as

in 10 respondents had heard of the term ‘psychological contract’, although
relatively few said it was very strong in their organisations.

70 per cent of respondents believe relationships with line managers or
supervisors is the most important factor in creating a good relationship
between employers and staff, 68 per cent highlight quality of management, 55
per cent view job satisfaction and communications as important and 52 per cent
regard job security as critical.

Employment Review managing editor Mark Crail said: "We are getting a clear
message from this research: management wants to listen and respond to staff

survey reveals that other issues contributing towards a happy working
relationship include good relationships between colleagues (51 per cent), pay
(49 per cent), working hours (38 per cent) and working culture (31 per cent).

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