Research reveals growing shortfall in management skills

A growing number of businesses are having problems
recruiting people with the management skills they need according to research by
the Institute of Management.

The survey reveals two out of five employers experienced problems
finding the right managers last year compared to just over a quarter who
experienced this problem in 1999.

The study shows that 28 per cent of employers blamed the
recruitment problems on a shortage of skills compared to just 16 per cent who highlighted
this as a problem in the previous year.

It also shows that organisations with annual sales of under
£60 million are having to pay more to recruit and retain managers.

HR mangers received the biggest salary increase among
managers of over 13 per cent, the same as HR directors, the Institute of
Management research reveals.

“The difficulties some organisations are facing in recruiting
mangers with the right skills are clearly on the increase, this is disturbing,”
said Christine Hayhurst, director of public affairs at the IoM.

“More importantly it means that in a tight labour market we
need to train and develop more managers to increase the talent pool from which
employers are recruiting. We also need to work harder to retain those who have
the knowledge and expertise well in a fast-changing technical environment.”

The Small Business review polled 125 companies,
including 151 directors and 2,357 managers.

By Paul Nelson


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