Resource Guide: Stress

The ‘disease of the 1990s’, stress, is the focus of Occupational Health’s
first resource guide – a regular feature which aims to provide useful
information sources, by topic

Stress is now one of the biggest causes of sickness absence in the UK, with
factors such as excessive workloads, new management techniques and bullying
contributing to the problem. Below is a selection of web sites and addresses
that readers may find useful when tackling the issue at work and seeking
further information.

International Stress Management Association

Tel: 07000 780430 Fax: 01992 426673

A registered charity promoting knowledge and best practice in the prevention
and reduction of stress.

The ISMA web site includes useful details of conferences, news updates from its
journal Stress News, and reference books covering all aspects of stress and
stress management. It also offers excellent links and reviews of other web
sites, both in the UK and overseas.

Stress UK

An excellent place to start for anyone wanting to find out more about
stress. Includes details of the TUC’s 1996 report on workplace stress, the
legal implications of stress at work including criminal and civil cases brought
over the issue, as well as industrial tribunals and a reproduction of the
Sunday Times’ Stress Manager series, published in 1997.

It also gives advice on what to look for and expect from a therapist. Other
features include links to relevant sites, details of related publications,
professional organisations and associations and humour pages, as well as
associations offering complementary therapies to try and combat stress, from
acupuncture to yoga.

Tel: 0700 2244383
Fax: 0700 0785776

A site that "validates the experience of bullying", Bullyonline is
the web site of the UK National Workplace Association, run by Tim Field,
himself a victim of workplace bullying.

This is an extremely comprehensive site including advice on how to tackle bullying;
frequently asked questions on the subject; guidance to employers on the law;
stress and health problems caused by bullying; useful facts and figures;
details of research projects; survivor testimonies; and course details.

Training and counselling

AMC Mentoring

Tel/fax: 01621 891 963

Web site includes case studies, tips on beating stress and general
information. Offer courses specially tailored to individual companies needs.

Carole Spiers Associates

Tel: 0208-954 1593
Fax: 0208-907 9290

Details of courses run by the consultancy, as well as information and
articles on aspects of stress management.

Andrea Adams Trust

Tel: 01273 704900

An organisation specifically set up to counter workplace bullying


BBC Online

An invaluable resource for health related news stories. It contains
up-to-date news articles related to stress in the workplace and archived
articles on the issue. It also offers useful links to other stress-related web

Department of Health

Tel: 0207-210 4850

Intended mainly for health professionals, wide variety of government reports
and related links can be accessed through this site

Health and Safety Executive

Tel: 0207-717 6000
Fax: 0207-928 6635

HSE data and press releases relating to stress can be accessed on the

Institute for Employment Studies

Tel: 01273 686751
Fax: 01273 690430

Useful range of work-related publications, including Stress: Big Issue but
What are the Problems, by Jo Rick, Jim Hillage, Sheila Honey and Sarah
Perryman, IES Report 331, ISBN 1-85184-259-4. Contains a bibliography of
articles and publications for anyone wanting further reading on the subject of

Royal College of Nursing

Tel: 027409 3333

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Tel: 0121-248 2000
Fax: 0121-248 2001


Tel: 0207-636 4030
Fax: 0207-636 0632

An accessible web site for anyone after information on the implications of
stress at work. Includes press releases, reports and TUC publications. It also
includes links to other useful sources of information.


Tel: 0207-388 2366
Fax: 0207-388 7105

Public service union, provides information and guidance for members on
aspects of stress, including violence at work and bullying.

Victim Support

Tel: 0207-735 9166
Fax: 0207-582 5712

Offers support to employees who have been victims of crimes at work, and
training programmes for employers to implement effective support strategies for
their staff.

The listing above is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further
additions from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to
include in this series

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