Reuters database covers staff around world

Media group Reuters has installed a new HR management system that will
simplify its employee database and cut costs.

The new system, provided by Oracle, will allow the company to have a single
database for personnel records for staff based around the world.

The company’s internal information systems team has amalgamated the previous
30 legacy processes across 90 countries.

The system will be managed in Reuters’ Docklands office and could save the
firm up to £1.5m.

"Now there is only a single HR system with a universal set of
records," said Pat Walsh, head of communications at Reuters.

"Eventually we will be able to have self-service HR, while at the same
time cutting costs and improving ease of use. This will also allow HR staff to
work more as business advisers, cutting down needless administration."

The system will also eventually support finance, procurement and logistics
within Reuters.

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