Revolutionize your customer experience

Revolutionize your Customer Experience

Author: Colin Shaw

Price: £19.99

Pages: 224

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 140393603X


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This book claims that it “steals the past to reinvent common courtesy, the art of conversation and the pleasure gained in making others smile, an age-old ‘natural’ success story”. However, it may only be useful to those oblivious to the fact that business success is dictated by customers and staff alike, who have bought into the whole business ethos, product and process. It seems to me that this comes naturally to those who succeed. Question is, how useful would this book be if you hadn’t already got the point?

It’s easy enough to read. However, I believe this is because there isn’t really much depth to it. It’s extremely repetitive, so the more you read, the more tedious it becomes. I don’t need to be told the same thing over and over, but again, if you havenÕt got the point already, then maybe repetition is the order of the day.

Presumably, the idea is that reading this surface-level enticer will encourage you to employ the writer’s company to overhaul your failing business. Practical it’s not, expensive if you utilise the consultancy, and it’s purely a selling tool Ð how clever to make your customers pay for your marketing. Plus, it’s full of worthless diagrammatic information and unsubstantiated recommendations from existing customers.

Here we go again, reinventing the wheel. This approach was common practice aeons ago. Isn’t it time we stopped repackaging what we already have? I don’t know how much this book costs, but if I’d paid for it, I’d have considered it wasted money.

Useful? two stars

Well-written? two stars

Practical? one star

Inspirational? one star

Value for money? one star

Overall one star

Reviewed by Jane Riley, Laura Ashley

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