Rising salaries show HR is making impression in legal business

professionals in the legal profession are closing the pay gap with their senior
legal colleagues, a survey reveals.

research shows that London-based HR directors command salaries of up to
£100,000 a year compared with salaried partners who earn between £65,000 and

French, head of HR recruitment in England an Wales for TMP Worldwide, said the
high salaries commanded by HR professionals in the legal sector reflect the
increasing need for firms to recruit and retain the best lawyers in a tight
labour market.

commented, "Our research shows that the HR profession is really achieving
recognition in the legal business – an industry where this has not necessarily
been the case in the past.

law firms are adopting increasingly sophisticated and comprehensive approaches
to people management, driving demand for talented HR professionals.

trend is reflected in the increasing salaries they can command in the

By Ben Willmott

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