Role model partnership back on track

Hyder and Unison are well on the way to salvaging their 10-year partnership
agreement which was heading for the rocks three weeks ago.

Unison threatened to end the partnership if any of the 1,000 job losses
announced by the company early last month were compulsory (Personnel Today, 14

Although there is still a risk of some compulsory losses three-quarters of
the target number have volunteered for redundancy, union secretary Brian Wallis
said last week. "I am optimistic but cautious that we can work this
out," he said.

The company and union are trying to resolve the remainder by matching staff
who want to stay but whose jobs are at risk with those who want to go but whose
jobs are needed.

Unison is considering changes in working conditions.

The Hyder-Unison partnership has been seen as a role model by many companies
because of its stability and longevity.

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