Royal Mail strike would be ‘commercial suicide’

Mail chairman Allan Leighton has told postal workers that a strike over pay
would ‘put everyone’s future at stake’.

a letter to employees, Leighton warned of ‘commercial suicide’ if staff choose
to strike rather than accept a proposed deal that the Royal Mail claims is
worth 14.5 per cent over 18 months, which would cost £340m a year.

said a strike would cost the company up to £20m per day, making it unable to
pay off present debts, which amount to £610m.

important that everyone understands that a vote to strike will result in a
strike, and that the company will not at any stage be able to improve its
offer," he said.

Communication Workers Union said the deal only amounted to a rise of 4.5 per
cent, with the rest tied to productivity improvements.

By Michael Millar

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