Safeway recognised as one of UK’s top CSR performers

sophisticated internal communications system has played a major role in
establishing the supermarket chain as one of the top corporate social
responsibility (CSR) performers in the UK.

the recent Corporate Responsibility Index, the firm scored 90.21 per cent – way
above the average of 67.87 per cent.

Christensen, chairman of the CSR steering group at Safeway, said HR was central
to the success by monitoring what the firm was doing and linking together all

internal communications system includes a monthly meeting, a nationwide video
link and a question and answer forum for all staff.

was particularly praised for its impact and performance in social (product
safety, occupational health and supply chain) and environmental (energy,
transport and waste management) areas.

index was produced by employers’ group Business in the Community to provide
companies with a structured means of measuring CSR performance.

By Ross Wigham

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