Selecting a supplier: employers’ checklist

Companies looking for a childcare voucher provider should consider the communications support and the administrative support they receive.

Good quality, consistent and reliable standards of communication will increase employee engagement with the scheme and help it to run smoothly. 

Computershare Voucher Services has put together top 10 criteria that all suppliers should be able to deliver.

Employers should use this checklist to determine whether or not they can be confident in their provider’s scheme:

  • A proven track record of reliability.
  • The infrastructure to provide excellent service and enforce an employer’s scheme policy.
  • Adequate protection for any money it has responsibility for.
  • Processes and procedures for keeping up to date and compliant with consumer legislation and other relevant legal developments.
  • An established data-protection policy.
  • Adequate risk-management systems.
  • A stated commitment to communicating clearly and fairly with all stakeholders – parents, carers and employers.
  • Assistance with the employer’s compliance with HM Revenue & Customs audit.
  • Continued employee recruitment to the scheme through re-promotion.
  • Maintenance of carer data and ongoing monitoring of eligibility.


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