Senior directors slipping through training net

Directors fail to go on training courses because they believe they are too
busy, according to a survey of senior HR professionals.

The study by the Institute of Directors reveals 43 per cent of the 100 HR
directors questioned think their senior directors are prevented from benefiting
from training courses because they are snowed under by work.

A third of respondents claim that directors believe training is neither
relevant to them or necessary.

However, a quarter of the respondents reveal that all their senior
executives had received some kind of training during the last 12 months, and
only 7 per cent said none had received any training at all.

John Weston, director of training and development at the IoD, said events
such as the collapse of Enron had shown how vital it is that directors receive
adequate training.

"Recent headlines only go to show that having competent directors, who
are properly trained for the role and fully aware of their duties and
liabilities and responsibilities, are no longer a luxury for companies but a
necessity," he said.

"It used to be conventional wisdom that once a person was promoted to
the board they had no further need for training."

Nearly two-thirds of directors report that they have a succession gap and 30
per cent feel there is a leadership gap at their organisation.

The survey also reveals the increasing importance being placed in the
boardroom on developing human capital.

Other issues seen as growing in importance include pressure for improved
productivity, pressure to cut costs and succession management.

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