Senior HR execs discover board still out of reach





TEXT: An exclusive survey of senior HR executives on board
the Aurora reveals that while 75 per cent believe HR should automatically have
a place on their organisation’s main board, 82 per cent admit the profession
still has an image problem.


Of the 80 delegates surveyed, just half had made it to the
main board, while 45 per cent were on the operational board.


Some of the challenges they face include: HR still being
seen as ‘soft and cuddly’ rather than hard and business-focused; the profession
being obsessed with its perceived status; HR’s inability to decide what to call
itself; and finance, sales and marketing staff regarding HR professionals as
‘jobsworths’, adding additional work to their already busy days through
reviews, appraisals and other functions.


For a full investigation on what senior HR executives think,
see Personnel Today on 18 May.


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