Sex tops menu of daydream options in meetings

in three UK
office workers daydream about sex during work meetings, according to new

survey of 1,980 office based employees, from researchers YouGov, reveals that one in eight respondents daydreams at least three times during an
hour-long meeting.

third of respondents admitted to daydreaming about sex, with men three times as likely to think about carnal relations during
an hour-long meeting than
their female colleagues.  

also figure highly in people’s thoughts, with 42 per cent of 18-30 year olds
daydreaming about bills and money, a number that drops to 26 per cent for
people 30 and above.

research, commissioned by web conferencing company WeBex, shows that professionals are the most
intensive ‘meeters‘ of all
working sectors, with 23 per cent meeting more than 10 times a month.

Profiles of workers in a meeting:

Agenda Addict

loses focus in a meeting. Evenly matched
between men and women, but way more likely to be over 50.
are likely skilled or semi-skilled craftspeople that might even be door-to-door
sales reps living in the Midlands,
or the North.

Meeting Maniac

aged 30-50 that live in London and
meet at least 15 times a month.  They usually
work as professionals and are chartered or highly qualified with very
responsible jobs.

Mother Hen

thinks about her family first, and often. Meets about once a week and daydreams
on average once an hour.  Aged 30-50 and
socially average. Likely to work in healthcare and medicine, but doesn’t have a
preferred UK
region to live in.

Tech Letch

Can’t stop daydreaming about sex in office
Male (in a big way)
under 30 living in
London and the North and very likely to be technical

Distracted Dieter

Can’t stop daydreaming about food in office
She’s under
30 and the social divider. Education is the likely work sector of choice.

By Daniel Thomas







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