Shared parental leave: Preparing your organisation on-demand webinar

Audrey Williams, partner at law firm Eversheds, joins Personnel Today editor Rob Moss to explain how the shared parental leave rules will work.

Camilla Palmer, chief executive of Your Employment Settlement Service (YESS), which provides affordable legal advice to employees to resolve workplace disputes without litigating, addresses the context and trends of mothers and fathers in the workforce and joins Rob and Audrey for a Q&A session to answer your questions about the new right.

Key questions covered in this 60-minute webinar include:

  • How will shared parental leave work?
  • Who is eligible for shared parental leave and pay?
  • How much shared parental leave can employees take and when?
  • How to handle continuous and discontinuous leave requests?
  • Will employers that offer enhanced maternity be obliged to also offer enhanced shared parental leave pay?
  • Can employees be made redundant while on shared parental leave?


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