Skill levels to be boosted by budget

CIPD believes measures outlined in the budget will help improve the efficiency
of UK business and increase skill levels throughout the workforce.

Philpott, chief economist at the CIPD, welcomed plans to improve training and
research and development announced by Chancellor Gordon Brown.

highlighted proposals to introduce a working tax credit and new options to
enable more employees to achieve at least two NVQs as particularly positive.

also praised plans for employer-led initiatives on key skills as part of New
Deal stage two and the further increase in the number of modern

CIPD backed the Government’s intention to extend the Enterprise Management
Incentive Scheme and an increase in the tax relief.

increase in maternity and paternity pay and the likely extension of tax credits
to large companies for research and development were also supported by

commented, “The key now is to make sure that the Government and business come
to recognise fully the role of improved people management and performance in
meeting the UK’s productivity challenge, which CIPD research has shown impacts
more on the bottom line even that R&D. The CIPD will make formal
representations to the Government on this matter in due course.”

By Ben Willmott. Click here to respond.

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