Skilled doctor faces deportation

A doctor who fled persecution in his native Iraq has been told he cannot
stay in the UK and is facing deportation.

London-based Dr Salim Elyas, 26, has been offered a clinical attachment by a
consultant surgeon in Yorkshire but he is unable to afford the costs involved
in taking it up. He is living on £35 a week, paid in vouchers.

Dr Elyas is one of many refugee doctors in the UK who are unable to
practise, despite major shortages in the NHS.

He was taught English and has passed an IELTS test, which is required before
overseas doctors can take the General Medical Council’s examination to join the
UK medical register.

Dr Elyas faces a race against time to pass the GMC’s exam while his appeal against
deportation is considered by the Home Office.

He says he is desperate to work as a doctor again.

Dr Edwin Borman, chairman of the British Medical Association’s international
committee, said doctors who could show good reasons why they should not be sent
home should be given refugee status.

The Home Office said, "We do not comment on individual cases."

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