Skills Council invests £1m in leadership programme

Learning and Skills Council (LSC) is sending 1,000 managers on a leadership
development programme to instill a single culture across the organisation.

£1m project starts this month and, over the next 12 months, will see senior and
middle managers enrol on the programme to focus on leadership, partnership
working and innovation.

LSC was formed around 18 months ago through the merger of 74 different training
organisations, including a mix of private companies and government bodies.

director at the LSC David Russell said the training was essential to promote
the goals of the organisation and achieve government targets.

of the way we were formed we have a huge mix of cultures and outlooks. We need
to develop our culture as the staff are all from different backgrounds.

a complicated organisation and the jobs we have are very demanding. We need a
consistent culture so we’re putting all senior managers through the leadership
programme,” he said.

organisation has around 500 staff at a national office and a further 4,500
spread around the country.

also hopes the course, which is being run by Penna, will enable the LSC to work
more closely with employers and providers.

requires very specific skills from our staff and they need to have the ability
to lead change and work with multiple partners,” he said.

By Ross Wigham

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