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Welcome to the Company Cars Buyers’ guide

If you’re considering a company car scheme, you will find a range of resources here to assess whether it suits your organisation, how to implement a company cars policy and how to choose a suppliers.

How salary sacrifice is reshaping the company car benefits
The reduced company car-tax on low-emission cars has suddenly made salary sacrifice attractive for both employers and employees.


Five ways to fund a company car
Buy outright? Lease purchase? Contract hire? Find out which company car funding method best suits your business.

Pros and cons of providing company cars
A company car scheme confers status for both employer and employee – but can be difficult to manage. Weigh up our list of advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing fleet management: how to select a supplier
Thinking of outsourcing your fleet management? Here are 10 things to check before your sign up with a supplier.

10 questions to ask when changing your fleet supplier
Changing fleet supplier presents an opportunity to review and tighten up your arrangement. But what sort of questions should you ask?

Is employee car ownership dead or resting?
Opticar’s Jim Salkeld explains why employee car ownership (ECO) schemes have failed to deliver in the past and why a revival is due.

How to build a company car policy
How do you draw up a company car policy, what should be in it, and which part of your business should own it?



Cash for car: an alternative to company car schemes 
Giving employees cash instead of a car can help employers avoid company car tax, due to changes in Benefits In Kind tax. But how does it work?

Car clubs and what they mean for businesses
If your company has limited parking, or if your staff do not need daily access to a car,  then a car club could be worth considering.

Short-term car hire: a sensible alternative?
The greater flexibility of short-term car hire could be a better option for your organisation than a company car scheme.

Fleet management glossary: the jargon of company cars
Don’t know your AECOP from your AMAP? Our jargon buster will help guide you through the world of fleet management.

Car leasing and contract hire companies: 20 major players
Unsure where to start looking for car leasing or contract hire companies? We provide a quick overview of 20 of the biggest providers.

Toomey Opticar examines how the cash allowance can still represent good value for employees.
Benefit in kind tax rate changes for company cars (NEW!)
The benefit in kind (BIK) tax rate for company cars is set to rise for many vehicles. Find out how they will impact on your scheme.

Grey fleet driving offences: how to deal with a growing problem 
A large number of driving offences are committed by employees using their own cars for work-related purposes. We look at how employers can tackle this increasing burden.

Seven steps to upgrading fleet management software
Upgrading your firm’s fleet management software can be costly. Read through our seven-step guide, plus our directory of the leading fleet software houses.

How to implement the outsourcing of fleet management
Planning to outsource your fleet management? Roddy Graham, chairman of the Institute of Car Fleet Management, provides seven essential tips.

How good is your car benefit policy?
Toomey Opticar examines the various methods of acquisition and management of the main car benefit solutions available.


Personnel Today Buyers’ Guide – Company Cars. Original content written by Emma Page, June 2010.


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