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Smart Buyer provides the latest top tips, buyer’s guides and expert guidance on employee assistance programmes EAPs). This page details all the EAP content available.


An introduction to EAPs
An EAP is a work-based programme which can identify and help resolve employee concerns which may affect work performance.
Key benefits of EAPs
EAPs offering confidential telephone or face-to-face counselling for a range of issues from inflated gas bills to unfaithful husbands are here to stay and they are down in price.
How an EAP supports the employer’s duty of care
Employers are required by law to have a duty of care to ensure that they offer a safe, unthreatening environment in which to work.


Who are the main EAP providers
We present a list of the key EAP providers, with a short description of their remit.
Questions to ask before choosing an EAP
The choice of EAPs is wide, ranging from small, dedicated, niche EAPs right up to the huge providers like Axa Icas and Unum that also provide medical insurance.


Three steps to getting the most out of an EAP
Objective measures are necessary to properly assess the EAP.
How to make an EAP deliver
There are five key steps to ensuring you make your EAP deliver which are supported by case studies and survey evidence from XpertHR and other organisations.
How to get value from your supplier
We advise on how to maximise return on your investment in an EAP.

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