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Welcome to the incentive vouchers Smart Buyer

If you’re considering introducing incentive vouchers you will find a raft of resources here to help you assess the sort of vouchers that will work best, guidance on introducing the scheme, and advice on running a scheme and communicating its benefits to your employees.


The advantages for employers of giving staff gift vouchers (AVAILABLE NOW)
Vouchers do not just have to be given out as rewards; some employers offer them through flexible benefits programmes.

Nine steps to setting up a successful reward scheme (AVAILABLE NOW)
Setting up a staff motivation scheme that is effective and sustainable is far from straightforward. Andrew Johnson, director general of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, offers a nine-step guide.

Choose the right voucher scheme for your staff
There are voucher schemes that cover everything from holidays in the sun to zoo-keeping days. But which would be right for your employees?

Guide to voucher suppliers and the discounts they offer
The range of reward and benefit providers is wide, and getting wider. There are also many generous discounts available. Our guide explains what schemes the main voucher providers offer, and where to find the biggest savings.

Points mean prizes: the benefits of points-based motivation schemes
If you’re a fan of points-based retail schemes such as Nectar, you might like to try something similar to motivate your staff.
Paper v plastic – what kind of vouchers would your staff prefer?
The march of technology threatens to sweep paper-based vouchers aside. But would your employees be happy receiving their rewards in plastic form?
Pre-paid debit cards – taking vouchers to another level? 
With a wider range of uses than the traditional voucher, pre-paid debit cards are expected to grow in popularity among employers.
The advantages of using salary sacrifice for voucher schemes 
Vouchers do not just have to be given out as rewards; some employers offer them through flexible benefits programmes.
Running a voucher scheme and communicating its benefits 
A voucher scheme only works well if administrated effectively and communicated clearly to your employees.
The tax and national insurance implications of voucher schemes 
Employers can make substantial savings on income tax and national insurance contributions through voucher schemes. Andrew Johnson of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association explains how.




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