‘Soft’ approach helps business

teambuilding and time management training can improve productivity despite
their “soft” images, according to research by learning solutions provider
FranklinCovey Europe.

of managers who provide this training say more than half of employees change
their behaviour as a result, and 64 per cent say these changes directly benefit
the company.

than eight out of 10 managers feel behavioural training improves productivity
as much as other courses, if not more.

57 per cent of managers offer staff behavioural training.

research is based on a survey of 200 HR directors and managers in UK companies
with a turnover of more than £10m.

data seems to show that behavioural training can bring major benefits to an
organisation, but that many are still missing out on these benefits,” said Matt
Smith, head of training at FranklinCovey.


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