Sparkling performers earn more

individuals are the most likely people to be singled out for
performance-related bonuses.

study of 372 managers by Roffey Park shows that 64 per cent of them reward
outstanding individuals with bonuses. The best next category to benefit are employees
who create bottom-line results, cited by 57 per cent of the managers as
candidates for bonuses.

year, bottom-line results were the most popular factor for bonus pay, reported
by 71 per cent of the managers questioned, while outstanding individuals were
highlighted by 58 per cent. Of the entire sample, 64 per cent have
performance-related pay integrated into their reward systems – a slight fall
from last year’s figure of 70 per cent.

was highlighted as a bonus factor by 18 per cent of the managers questioned,
and leadership behaviour was deemed to be worthy of bonus pay by 16 per

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