Speeding drivers on route to dismissal

are prepared to dismiss company car drivers who lose their driving licence after
being caught speeding, according to a new survey.

HSBC Business Car Expectations report suggests that over half of UK businesses
would sack an employee for losing their licence.

proliferation of speed cameras and the fact that three offences are enough to
constitute a ban mean that many high-mileage company car drivers could run the
risk of losing their job.

poll also finds that the tough new taxation system, due to commence in April,
has lead to a re-think in the provision of company cars.

out of ten firms are now considering reimbursing staff for using private
vehicles and  35 per cent are offering
cash instead of a company car.

40 per cent of respondents believe tax is the most important issue facing fleet

survey reveals that despite the move toward private cars two thirds of
businesses don’t check insurance cover, while 17 per cent do not check driver
details or records.

By Ross Wigham

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