Staff benefit cuts at Microsoft will not affect the UK

Microsoft’s UK staff have been assured that most of the staff benefit cuts
introduced in the US should not affect them.

The software giant, renowned for its generous benefits packages, is cutting
back staff offers, such as stock discounts, prescription drug payments and
parental leave in a bid to save around £45m.

The cutbacks have led to widespread discontent among US employees, according
to an informal internal poll of 3,000 staff. The survey revealed that three in
four respondents were "very dissatisfied with the cuts".

But the adjustment in stock purchase plan – which cuts the staff discount
from 15 per cent to 10 per cent – is the only one that will affect global
employees, a Microsoft spokeswoman said.

"In the US, Microsoft has amended a small number of local staff
benefits," she said. "This does not affect the UK or other markets as
many aspects of Microsoft’s benefits packages are set on a local basis."

Microsoft has not yet conducted an official company poll for feedback, but
it has communicated the findings of the internal survey to the management team,
the spokeswoman said.

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