Staff consultation could backfire warns CIPD

forthcoming information and consultation legislation will be counter-productive
if it is used to force works councils on employers.

is the message from the CIPD in its response to consultation on the
legislation, which will ensure that companies consult with employees earlier
and in more detail about issues which will affect their employment, such as
redundancies and mergers.

CIPD is calling for flexibility in the legislation, which comes into force as
early as 2005 for larger firms.

Sinclair, lead adviser on public policy at the CIPD, fears that forcing
organisations to introduce bureaucratic structures such as works councils will
be counter-productive.

believes they are often too remote to have a positive effect on staff involvement.
The CIPD only wants work councils to be introduced if specifically requested by

Government should take a light touch on implementing the EU directive on
information and consultation in the UK," said Sinclair.

must ensure the regulations maximise flexibility and allow organisations to
develop arrangements best suited to their circumstances. Legislation must not
prescribe a one-size-fits-all structure which will not benefit either party."

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