Staff favour car sharing scheme

half of UK workers would be more likely to work for an employer who offered an
easy-to-use car-sharing scheme, according to research.

survey by reveals that transport problems cost UK business £5bn a year
in lost productivity, but currently only 5 per cent of people share a car to

survey finds that workers in Wales are most likely to want to car share, with
60 per cent of people preferring to work for an employer who offered a scheme.

proposal is least popular in the south of England, where the figure drops to 39
per cent. The research indicates that men (48 per cent) would be slightly more
in favour of the scheme than women (44 per cent).

of Paul Rapacioli said introducing such schemes would directly
benefit employers: "Employees tell us that organisations who helped set up
car sharing schemes would directly gain through better attraction and retention
of staff, as well as strengthening the ‘informal network’ within the company."

report claims reduced congestion would in turn lessen lateness and transport
stress, as well as reducing petrol consumption.

has been an increase in the number car-sharing plans over the past two years –
largely because of the Government’s 20-Year Transport Plan, launched in July

plan made it mandatory for all local councils and NHS trusts to have a separate
Transport Plan. This has had the knock-on effect of more local councils making
separate Transport Plans a compulsory part of applications for new office

Collings, transport programme manager for the Energy Efficiency Best Practice
Programme, claimed HR should be more involved.

said: "Given the clear benefits car-sharing offers to recruitment and
retention, I think this is a lost opportunity for HR professionals."

Quentin Reade

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