Staff-friendly policies raise performance

A leading occupational psychologist has called on HR managers to implement work-life balance practices in the light of research published last week.

At the Occupational Psychology Conference last week, Dr Karen Janman, head of assessment at SHL, which carried out the research for the Resource Connection, claimed managers are more productive if work-life balance practices are adopted.

She said, “HR needs to be more proactive and believe it has the necessary skills to implement work-life balance practices.”

The research showed that two employees who job-share have an output 30 per cent above that of one full-time employee. Jobsharers also score highly on problem-solving and team work.

Hugh Shanks, practice leader for HR consultancy Towers Perrin, said, “HR does have the skills to implement these new working practices, but must learn to articulate itself better so that organisations implement these policies.”

Nigel Connolly, head of HR at Easyjet, has more confidence. He said, “We lead the way in new policies. HR knows that it has the innovation and skills to cope with whatever it is faced with.”

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