Staff look for rewards and fairness

Almost two-thirds of employees do not have any kind of rewards or incentives
in their current job, research reveals.

The survey of 830 staff by consultancy Capital Incentives & Motivation
also shows that being fairly treated at work is more important to UK employees
than good pay and job security to motivate them at work.

Nearly 70 per cent of all respondents identify cash or vouchers rather than
a specific prize as the most effective incentive.

Overall, fairness was named the most important quality in a boss, but more
female than male participants say they want recognition and encouragement from
their employer.

The research found that for both men and women training, good promotion
prospects and, surprisingly, job security are less important factors.

Graham Povey, managing director of Capital Incentives, said: "It is
interesting that employees still value fair treatment and recognition rather
than a good salary a year after our launch survey revealed the same results.

"This certainly proves that money isn’t everything.

"Being valued and well respected at work is what we all truly desire.

"Companies need to realise that to retain staff and keep them happy,
they must incentivise them in some shape or form."

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