Staff relocation costs escalating, claims report

Relocation costs employers £8,000 per employee, according to

The study by consultants Alan Jones and Associates claims
that the figure can be as high as £60,000.

The median cost to employers is 20 per cent of an employees
first year salary or £8,000, claims the research.

Nine out of ten companies offer some assistance to staff for
both house sales and purchases. While just under half pay all the sales and
housing costs for existing employees.

Staff members that are happy to relocate can still receive
compensation, with 58 per cent of organisations paying a disturbance allowance.
The median disturbance allowance payment is 10 per cent of an employee’s

Employers use relocation expenses as a retention tool. Seven
out of ten company policies say that they will seek to reclaim some of the
relocation cost if the employee leaves the firm within a certain period of

Two-thirds of employers will recover relocation payments if
the employer leaves within two years.

Over 130 companies were
included in the survey.

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