Staff still prefer male managers

produced by the Institute of Management show that while women are reaching
management at an unprecedented rate, Britain’s workers would still rather have
a male boss.

research, commissioned by the online recruitment company, finds
that regardless of profession, age and gender, people prefer a male boss.

survey of 1,000 people shows that more women than men like to have a male boss.
Over 40 per cent of female staff say they prefer to be managed by a man, more
than four times the proportion who think women make better bosses.

under a third of men would rather work for a man, compared to only 9 per cent
of both men and women who prefer working for a woman.

appear to be less concerned about the gender of their boss, with 57 not having
a gender preference, compared to 52 per cent of women.

Jones, HR director at GoJobsite, said, "One of the key reasons people
prefer male bosses is that, sadly, they simply aren’t used to having a female
manager. My guess is that as more and more women get management roles, things
will begin to balance out and the views people have of their boss will be
driven less by their gender and more and more by their competence as a

Equal Opportunities Commission said that less than a quarter of Britain’s
bosses are female.

By Ben Willmott

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