Staff to share their views on trust

A hospital trust has issued all staff with guidelines setting out how they
can expect to be treated by management.

The people management document, produced by the Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals
NHS Trust, covers a range of subjects including employee relations and
training. It tells staff that employees will be encouraged to join a trade

The trust’s human resources strategy will also be updated frequently and
staff opinion surveys carried out regularly.

The document adds, "Staff can expect their managers to recognise signs
of stress and know how to assist those affected by it.

"All professional staff can expect to be continuously developed within
their role. Staff with the potential to develop their careers further will be

Other categories in the document include pay and reward, change management
and communications.

Personnel director Ron Jones said, "All staff will receive a personal
copy of this document over the next few weeks. We hope it will be used by staff
to monitor the performance of the trust’s management.

"It also meets Alan Milburn’s challenge that good management should not
be left to chance."

The document was launched at the beginning of April.

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