Staffing crisis in UK parks

pressures at the UK’s
27,000 public run parks has led to a skills
and staffing crisis, according to an official report released today.

workers who plan, manage and maintain parks and green spaces are over-age and
"a dying breed – literally", according to the report.

survey, led by English Heritage and the Commission for Architecture and the
Built Environment’s public spaces unit, found the parks’ workforce is ageing,
with 6 per cent aged over 40 and 92 per cent over 30. More than half the
existing workforce rated their career prospects as ‘poor’, ‘very poor’ or

pay, poor career prospects and a poor public profile were cited as an obstacle
to recruiting skilled staff.

survey was based on research into parks workers in six ‘beacon councils’ –
Northamptonshire County Council, Holton Borough Council, and the London
boroughs of Enfield,
Barnet, Bexley, and Hammersmith.

By Daniel Thomas 



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