Stress at work legislation needed

The majority of employers, health professionals and safety
representatives want to see legislation on stress at work according to a report
published by the GMB.

The report found that 78 per cent of those who responded to
the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) discussion document on stress anted
government legislation not just guidance to help them deal with the issue.

Getting Action on work Related Stress was commissioned after
the HSE claimed it did not have enough information on the subject to issue a
code of practice.

Nigel Bryson, the GMB’s director of health and environment,
said, “The HSE should know that the need to legislation on stress is an issue
that won’t go away. Employers want it, health and safety experts want it and so
do working people.

“The HSE cannot expect a voluntary scheme to address an
issue as critical as all the available evidence shows stress at work to be.
Clear and legally binding advice is essential.”

By Ben Willmott. Click
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