Stressed staff want protection of legislation

than three-quarters of staff want to see legislation introduced that will
tackle stress.

CIPD report, released today, polled 1,000 employees and shows that a quarter
think their job is very stressful, with stress highest in the public sector
  particularly the NHS and local

recommended to reduce stress includes the introduction of work councils,
limiting working hours and the right for staff to claim work-related stress

most workers are still satisfied with their work, the number of happy workers
is dropping – particularly among public sector staff.

employee relations adviser Mike Emmott said: "Senior managers need to work
much harder to win the confidence of the people they manage. They must show
they care about their interests and well-being.

people feel they are under constant scrutiny and these people are much more
likely to feel dissatisfied and under stress than other workers."

By Paul Nelson

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