Supermarkets see Internet as recruiting tool

Recruitment is the main reason retailers use Internet technology, according
to research by Lawson Software.

The survey of 35 top retail firms found that 57 per cent of respondents had
used Internet-based technology to help them recruit.

Half have used the Web for customer relations management and 40 per cent for

Twenty per cent of respondents to the software provider’s report plan to
implement Internet technology across all areas from payroll to recruiting.

Online recruitment in the sector is likely to be an area of major growth,
with three-quarters of retailers currently evaluating Net-based recruitment
software. A further 20 per cent plan to use it.

Two-thirds of retailers are satisfied with the results of Internet recruitment,
compared to 17 per cent who are not.

Anita Athwal, HR manager for IT at Safeway, said, "We don’t use online
recruitment as the sole media, but it is an increasingly important component of
our recruitment marketing strategy."

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