Swine flu: supplier offers free online training

E-learning specialist SkillSoft is offering free access to online courses related to swine flue which, it says, will help L&D managers create programmes for managers who may have to draft emergency plans.

The Pandemic Flu Awareness course describes the key differences between pandemic flu – including H1N1 and bird flu – and regular seasonal flu; it features key facts associated with pandemic flu; the pharamceutical and non-pharamceutical interventions that can prevent or slow the spread of pandemic flu; and tips for creating a pandemic plan.

Norm Ford, SkillSoft’s director of compliance solutions, said; “HR around the globe is on the front line of emergency planning for companies. Highly public events like the outbreak of the H1N1 virus are a reminder of the importance of training and prepredeness. We felt that offering these courses at no cost for a limited period would enable emergency planning managers to be more responsive.”

Users will get free access to the pandemic flu coourse and two others designed to help in formulating disaster recovery, emergency management and business continuity plans, said SkillSoft.

Click here for the link to the course (sign-in required).

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