Attitude and motivation training needed say line managers

When line managers were asked recently what skills their teams needed training in the most, attitude and motivation came top.

This was one finding in an online poll of 400 line managers carried out recently by training materials provider Video Arts.

Thirty-four per cent of those polled said training related to improving attitude and motivation was “most needed” by their staff. Other subjects and rating were:

Video Arts’ managing director Martin Addison said: “These are the skills that managers feel they need from their teams to get through the downturn. The survey also shows that a key challenge for organisations that have made redundancies, and also for those which have not faced lay-offs, is to find ways of improving motivation in these difficult times.

“An effective way to improve attitudes and motivation is to make sure people feel appreciated. Training is a good way to signal that people are valued.”

Another survey, carried out last month by online learning specialist SkillSoft, found that 30% of workers across Europe say they are doing jobs they are not trained for. It also found that for the 2,000 workers polled via the online survey, asking a colleague for advice – named by 70% – is the commonest form of learning at work. Only 43% asked their bosses.

Fifty-eight per cent said they liked peace and quiet while learning, while 15% said they liked to hear background music.

Overall, 29% of those polled said they liked to eat and drink while learning. This varied from country to country with 12% of French, and 11% of Spanish respondents saying they liked to munch while they learnt, compared to 33% of UK respondents who said they liked a snack and a cup of tea.

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