SWT accuses RMT of ‘cynical disregard’ of passengers

West Trains has criticised the RMT after the union changed the timetable of
next week’s strikes so that commuters will face four days of disruption instead
of two.

of the planned 48-hour stoppage on Monday and Tuesday next week the union has
announced a 24-hour strike starting noon next Monday (February 11), and a
further 24-hour stoppage starting on noon next Wednesday.

is a last gasp attempt by the RMT to cause maximum disruption to our passengers
in the face of wavering support from its members. The RMT knows the only way it
gets support is through intimidation and by changing strike days it is causing
maximum disruption for a minimum loss of pay," said a SWT spokesperson.

changing strikes days with minutes to spare the RMT has leapt to new heights of
cynical disregard for passengers. It is a recipe for chaos. But we will do our
very best to minimise the disruption and run as many services as
possible,"  said the spokesperson.

RMT are striking over pay and the alleged abuse of the disciplinary procedure.

wants non-driver pay increases to be the same as drivers and a senior union
official to reinstated as a train driver after he was demoted for alleged
safety breaches.

By Paul Nelson

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