Tales for change: Using storytelling to develop people and management

Tales for change: Using storytelling to develop people and management
Author: Margaret Parkin
Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN 0749441062
165 pages
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This book is delightfully written and quite effortlessly emphasises the benefits of using storytelling as a communication tool.

The book is divided up into logical sections: ‘Dealing with Change’, ‘Being Creative’, ‘Leaders and Teams’, and ‘Dealing with Stress and Emotional Intelligence’.

Each chapter contains several stories – many humorous – with an introduction, a moral and a section at the end for the reader to comment or reflect on their own perception of that particular tale.

This book is an easy, stimulating and very thought-provoking read, and one that has already been incredibly useful to me, not only in the workplace, but in social gatherings too.

The author has used a mixture of her own experiences, passages and excerpts from well-known books or short stories and folklore to hammer home some very simple, but poignant, aspects of life.

There is nothing too intense or difficult to understand. The stories themselves could translate to a variety of situations in our social, domestic and work lives. I guarantee there will be at least one story that will make you more thoughtful of your actions and any potential implications or consequences.

Diane Stewart is a resource planner at SAIC Europe



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