Targets need setting for ethnic minority staff, claims union

Nine out of 10 public sector employers have no targets in
place for the recruitment, promotion and training of ethnic minorities, claims
research by Unison.

Over half of employers are satisfied that ethnic diversity
of their workforce represents the community that it serves and only 11 per cent
though have set improvement targets.

Nearly all public sector employers have equal opportunity
policies, although the report claims they are not practiced. These policies and
the diversity of the workforce are not reviewed and timetables and targets are
not set, claims the union.

“There is a surprising under-representation of black and
ethnic minorities workers in the public sector. Employers should agree action
plans to set targets and have a proper review system. They should develop
policies and treat seriously harassment of black staff by service users and
consistently monitor employment patterns,” said Unison’ general secretary Dave

The survey polled 440 public sector employers.

By Paul Nelson. Click
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