Teachers offered £10,000 and extra training to work in ‘tough’ schools

Teachers have been encouraged to apply for £10,000 ‘golden hellos’ for working in “challenging” schools before the summer holidays.

Starting today, teachers who join tough schools will also be eligible for extra training and early access to a new Masters in Teaching and Learning qualification, according to the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA).

The new financial and training package will be available from September for more than 500 schools and up to 6,000 teachers, but potential applicants would need to register their interest ahead of time.

TDA chief executive Graham Holley said the UK needed better training for better quality teachers.

“Teaching in a challenging school can be tough, but with the right training and a great team around you it can be immensely rewarding,” he said. “Our research shows that good teachers can have a profound effect on students in these schools, from getting pupils from poorer backgrounds into university to improving self-esteem.

The scheme was originally revealed in January as part of the New Opportunities White Paper to boost social mobility.

A survey by the TDA found one in three people who went to a challenging school have seen their employment prospects and pay improve dramatically thanks to inspirational teachers.

One-third (34%) said they would be in a less rewarding career, while 33% said they would be in a lower paid job were it not for the support and encouragement they had from their teachers.

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