Team bonus scheme to motivate NHS ancillary staff

hospitals are to take part in a pilot scheme which will reward NHS staff with
cash bonuses for good performance.

£1.5 million government scheme will provide "team bonuses” of at least £800
to staff who have met specific targets set by the hospitals.

of the hospitals chosen is Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey where porters,
caterers and other NHS ancillary workers will be eligible for the bonus.

aims is to improve response times to telephone calls, speed up the collection
of trolleys, improve cleanliness and provide patients with better food.

King, director of personnel and facilities at the hospital, said:
"Clinical staff can devote their time to looking after the patients
clinical needs knowing that their ward is clean and tidy and maintained to a
high standard.

scheme can help encourage our staff to go above and beyond the minimum
standards required."

told the hospital has already made significant improvements
over the last 12 months. 81 per cent of staff say they think the hospital is a
good place to work, compared with 74 per cent a year ago.

survey revealed that the biggest areas of improvement was the increase in
feedback and thanks from supervisors but staff still wanted to see further
improvement in pay, staffing levels and parking facilities.

By Quentin Reade

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