Ten questions to ask before switching childcare voucher provider

If your company already has a childcare voucher scheme but you are considering changing provider, ask yourself these key questions:

1. Is your problem simply with the marketing of your current scheme?

2. Is the new supplier going to manage the transfer for you?

3. Does the new supplier have an efficient management system that is accessible by payroll and HR?

4. How will employees be informed of the change?

5. What will you do if your employees are unhappy with the change?

6. Will employees be able to continue using their existing childcare provider?

7. What recent experience has your new supplier got of accepting scheme transfers?

8. What fee are you currently paying and what fee will you be paying to the new provider?

9. How can the new provider reduce your day-to-day administration?

10. What is the track record of the voucher provider, including any awards, quality accreditations, satisfaction surveys and client retention rates?

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