T&G ambulance crews work to rule

and General Workers’ Union members of the West Yorkshire Ambulance Service are
to start industrial action next week.

will begin a work to rule from 24 December and will deploy an indefinite
overtime ban from 2 January to demonstrate against overtime arrangements,
unsociable hours payments, meal breaks and call-out organisation.

members of West Yorkshire Ambulance Service voted for industrial action in
November. The Union says it is disappointed that employers did not make a new offer,
as negotiations have been ongoing since 27 March.

Bown, T&G regional industrial organiser in Bradford, said: "There is a
massive shortage of staff at West Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and our members
have been run ragged while doing their best to serve the public. You cannot
expect public servants to shoulder the strain indefinitely.

protracted talks, the employers have put no new offer forward. We are at a
stalemate. If the Trust can secure funding to ensure improvements to members’
terms and conditions, then we can move forward on this dispute.

have decided not to take all-out strike action at this time in an effort to
cause minimum disruption to the public. However, members will work to rule on
Christmas Eve, with an indefinite overtime ban from 2 January."

By Quentin Reade

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